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WELCOME! What if noble and natural materials were part of your daily life? Welcome to the blog Living'ROC, you will find useful information to better understand "the" natural stones, their composition, finishing and maintenance. A small expression that fits your decor desires and will accompany you to make the most of the opportunities offered by our site livingroc.net. You will also discover our new products and latest designs for home and garden. Enjoy your visit!



From time to time our customers share their visions with us. We would like to say Thank you very much for sharing with us all here at LivingRoc.
MAPLE Patio Table
Mother Nature is your guest with this beautiful slate natural stone table MAPLE ( Outdoor & Indoor). Accommodating 6 to 8 persons MAPLE will allow relaxing and friendly moments with friends and family. For daily use, the mosaic slate plate is very strong and easy to clean. MAPLE is sold without chairs. The various treatments applied on the plate as the base and chairs give our products exceptional strength, stop rust to the wrought iron parts and sun and rain damage to the natural stone plate. 

Thank you so much for your display Mr. P

OCEANE Patio Table
OCEANE is the work of talented stonemasons and craftsmen. The beautiful mix of silver gray slate and wrought iron is just perfect and its genuine rough look will bring to your living space timeless charm. Accommodating 4 to 6 persons for the OCEANE 49" diameter (as shown on the photos) or 6 to 9 persons for OCEANE 65" model will allow relaxing and great moments with friends and family. The Outdoor range is handcrafted, suitable for all the lovers of fine materials in search of an extraordinary finish! You will not find something similar in traditional shops!

Thank you Mr. Y for sharing your fabulous shot. And if I may quote him "Admired all summer long".

We would like to invite you to look at our whole collection of Natural stone Patio Table Here.



Looking into remodeling your small spaces. Here at LivingRoc we do understand the need for wanting smaller but still having the luxury of natural stone products.

KALOO BLACK 15-3/4" x 9" is the smallest Natural stone wash hands basin made in a genuine interior decoration trendy absolute Mongolia black with a simple and useful style, carved from a block of Lava Stone. Its shape, matte finish, without forgetting its very convenient slope give KALOO BLACK harmony and serenity. Doubly waterproofed by our care this model is ready to use. 
if you wish to standardize your project, you can choose among a wide range of black shower bases in black granite or black mongolia basalt (very similar color) carved from the same material (similar tones and finishes) as for example black granite models Spacium ShadowPalaos shadowQuasar shadow or Dalaos shadow and mongolia black models Serena BlackCoral Black


We invite you to see these styles as well as our bathroom collection here!



The largest shower base that has ever been available at LivingRoc is the CASTLE model. A rectangular Genuine Natural stone Shower Base at 80x40x2. 100% natural Gray Granite stone piece of heaven, unique in the US and exclusively available on Livingroc.net 

We also have available at some generous sizes as well our Dalaos model at 72"x36" available in Gray Granite or our grade A pure Black Shanxi Granite the Dalaos Shadow.

This large piece of stone cut from a block of granite is preformed to create an effective water slope.


Omaha is our stone shower base measuring in at 63"x36"x2". Add value to your home by transforming your bathroom into an oasis of elegance, calm and tranquility. 

We invite you to explore and imagine what our collection of Shower bases can do for your home here at LivingRoc.

Get Cozy around an Outdoor Fire Pit

Here at LivingRoc we love those cool fall evenings. Perfect for sitting around a cozy fire with family and friends enjoying natures beauty.

This natural stone fire pit coffee table draws its energy essences from the famous sunny Provence in France by displaying refined lines and streamlined design suitable for indoor and outdoor! Let yourself be amazed by the meeting of two noble material such as Egyptian and Spanish Marbles.

We no introduce to you our 32" Emperador Mosaic Marble coffee table the PROVENCE.
This 32" Fire pit patio coffee table will impress you with its stunning pattern and its unique atmosphere of color contrast. It will delight lovers of beautiful work, looking for rare, unique products.

You may also want to match up this stunning fire pit coffee table with our Round patio table the Florida. With a generous size of 49" or 63" to accommodate all your guests.
We invite you to look at our Outdoor collection at LivingRoc.net here



Here at LivingRoc we have created some beautiful trough sinks to delight your home with a natural trendy stone product with sleek inviting lines.

Corsica Shadow 27" Trough Sink

Could you imagine one day remodeling your bathroom space with a large basin made from pure black granite, sought after by specialists around the world? Discover the well–being provided by this beautiful piece made from genuine Shanxi pure Black Granite, CORSICA SHADOW has sleek lines and Zen-style give a simple but chic look to your bathroom.

Corsica 27"Gray Granite trough sink

Cut from a Trendy Gray granite block you will love its generous size for a single bathroom trough sink. CORSICA is a unique product in the U.S.A. You will not let anyone feel indifferent with this very design living'ROC creation designed by our french designer Florent LEPVREAU.
Carrara marble 27"Trough Sink

Made from a superb block of Carrara White Marble this bathroom vessel sink will delight lovers of beautiful work, looking for rare, products. Add value to your home by transforming your bathroom into an oasis of elegance, calm, and tranquillity. Discover the well-being and the restful feeling our creation can offer you.

CARRARA is one of the most fashionable in our bathrooms range. 

Love marble 47" Trough Sink
Yate 47" Gray Granite Trough Sink

Yate Shadow 47" Pure Black Granite Trough Sink
Our 47" Natural Trendy Stone trough sinks can be either displayed on a vanity or can be wall-mounted.

Available in the very popular Carrara white marble with gray tones thru out.

Could you possibly imagine putting 100% natural Gray granite or pure Shanxi Black Granite in your surroundings.

Discover the well–being provided by these beautiful pieces,  with sleek lines and Zen-style give a simple but chic look to your bathroom.

Our creation is delivered without an overflow drain and faucet (not included) - every US drains and faucets models you can find on the market will fit perfectly on Living'ROC vessel sink. This model is ready to use over the countertop.

These trough bathroom sink is from the AQUADEOS range created only from selected natural stone. Inspired by the model FOLE'GE (at 63' is better adapted to larger spaces) our 47" trough sinks will beautify a smaller space and will provide a modern, serene, and trendy atmosphere in your bathroom. Polished finishes and its very convenient slope will add practicality to beauty.

As always we invite you to discover all of our Natural Stone Products that we have created just for you here at Livingroc.net