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WELCOME! What if noble and natural materials were part of your daily life? Welcome to the blog Living'ROC, you will find useful information to better understand "the" natural stones, their composition, finishing and maintenance. A small expression that fits your decor desires and will accompany you to make the most of the opportunities offered by our site livingroc.net. You will also discover our new products and latest designs for home and garden. Enjoy your visit!



We live in our kitchens. We grow our families in our Kitchens. It is the heart of our home. The kitchen is where all of the action takes place. The kitchen is much more than a place to cook and eat. 

Updating your space could not be any easier here at LivingRoc. Simply choose from our line of granite Kitchen sinks to make your kitchen warm and inviting.

BESSO is equipped with two deep large bowls.

 You will appreciate BESSO'S simplicity, beauty and practicality combination as well its smooth and matte finish. The kitchen sink surface is ecologically waterproofed.

This Farmhouse kitchen sink has been designed to last a very long time, giving you a great level of resistance and easy maintenance.


Imagine one day you beautify your kitchen with this very rare and sought after pure natural Shanxi black granite kitchen sink NORWAY SHADOW -36" x 22" x8".

Equipped with a large single bowl and the grooved dish drying rack which has been incorporated harmoniously with NORWAY SHADOW. 

Do you dream of a luxurious kitchen? Discover the creation of LAGOS- 30" x 22" x 8"- genuine high-end kitchen decoration in trendy gray granite. 
With its large single tank, and ergonomic design, slightly inclined as to not hold water. natural stone unique in the US and exclusively available on Living'ROC.net and directly inspired from our French trendy range.

With all these selection and more your kitchen will be the true HEART of the house.
Please feel free to visit our entire collection of granite kitchen sinks at LivingRoc.



                LivingRoc natural stone products can make any bathroom spectacular.

Here is a wonderful display of two stone products the COCOON vessel sink pairs nicely with our DALAOS shower pan from our Bathroom collection.

                      Thank you to our customer for sharing such a divine transformation.

Please feel free to visit us on LivingRoc.net and view more natural trendy stone products to transform your living space.


Black Granite bathroom sinks....

Black is an excellent choice for luxury in your bathroom. Here at LivingRoc we have many choices to choose from.

We would like to highlight our PEGASUS SHADOW with a gallery collection of photos from our customers.  Enjoy.
Such a wonderful display with 2 Black Granite vessel sinks "Pegasus Shadow". The look of two is just stunning.
The Pegasus Shadow has been among a favorite of yours. We have a few more to tantalize you with.

PEGASUS SHADOW is a beautiful single natural stone vessel sink with straight lines and a great depth. A faucet hole has been made into the sink center. PEGASUS SHADOW is made from genuine interior decoration trendy pure black granite. You will definitely not let anyone feel indifferent with this 100% natural stone unique in the US and exclusively available on Living'ROC.net. Granite is one of the strongest stone after diamond.

What a lovely classic look on this beautiful vanity.

We have selected only the most beautiful stones for an exceptional quality. We are using granite material which is perfectly adapted to the bathroom use. The outstanding opportunity to make your world unique! Add great value to your home by installing LivingRoc Creations and tell your stone story through the years of conception. 

Could you imagine one day installing a single vessel sink made from pure shanxi black granite, sought after by specialists around the world. 

This vessel sink is ready to use, sitting on a vanity counter top and Highly resistant to chipping and scratching, Withstands hot temperatures, Tolerant to very high temperature changes. All exposed parts of the stone have been double waterproofed.

                                                                                                                                                                 Why not finish of your surroundings with a granite shower base fit for perfection. We have many sizes to choose from to accommodate your vision.  
We invite you to see our bathroom collection here on LivingRoc.net.