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WELCOME! What if noble and natural materials were part of your daily life? Welcome to the blog Living'ROC, you will find useful information to better understand "the" natural stones, their composition, finishing and maintenance. A small expression that fits your decor desires and will accompany you to make the most of the opportunities offered by our site livingroc.net. You will also discover our new products and latest designs for home and garden. Enjoy your visit!




As a caterpillar transforms from Cocoon to a beautiful butterfly as does our natural stone products.

From a block of stone our LivingRoc stonemasons and craftsman can transform stone to art.

Oval oblong natural stone vessel sinks will make your bathroom outstanding, unique, and evoke a place of well-being and healing.

This vessel sink is not only beautiful to look at it is also functional with its height and its edges allowing a large amount of water.
Cocoon Shadow

One will have difficulty in choosing which vessel sink to enhance their bathroom with. From the softness of the gray granite of Cocoon to the strong dominate black basalt granite of the Cocoon Shadow, and we must not forget the gentle touches of yellow streaked thru out Egyptian marble which is Cocoon Sunny

Cocoon Sunny

Transform your bathroom into an oasis of elegance, calm and tranquility with any of our creations here on our site.


Spring Cleaning!

Now the weather has cleared and Spring has arrived. Days of entertaining or relaxing in your outdoor space has arrived.

Alicante Outdoor Patio Table

Yearly maintenance is highly recommended here at LivingRoc to help your stone keep its original prestige appearance.

Besides your daily cleaning habits with the Triple Effect cleaner it is most important to help your stone stay waterproofed yearly with Waterproof Stone sealer. 

After time stain, odor, and discoloration can happen. With the help of chemical sealers, the durability of the stone is ensured, whether your stone is indoors our outdoors preserve the life and beauty of the stone.

Waterproof Stone Sealer 

We invite you to see our line of Stone Care products to enhance all your natural trendy stone products.


Garden Patio

Here at LivingRoc our passion is so strong for the natural stone we love when our customers share their completed projects with us.


Here is the LUXOR table presented my Mr. C. Thank you for this picture made with our Diamond chairs (whose cushions were not installed).


We would also like to thank Mr and Mrs J they have installed the TUSCANY in their garden for many enjoyable summer days with the family. 

Discover our other outdoor Garden Patio tables here, Let in the excellence within your homes environment. 

Welcome to our Living Room!

Whether you are entertaining, enjoying a lazy afternoon, or having a splendid evening with your family LivingRoc invites you to imagine how natural stone can enhance your living space.

Let yourself succumb to the charm of ANTICA.
Carved by water-jets ANTICA design is gorgeous! The use of marble is carefully chosen at LivingRoc.

 The outstanding opportunity to make your world unique.....


ARABESQUE model is a round natural stone coffee table. With very slick, pure lines you will surprise your guests with its unique design.

Modern lines, clever storage with a stunning glow enhanced by warm colors. There is no other models similar to ORIGAMI's  

We invite you to look into all of our Living room tables that could enhance your home.


Natural stone or reconstituted stone?

What are the differences between natural stone and engineered stone? 

This is a question here at LivinRoc that comes up regularly in your messages. Many often wonder if our products are actually made ​​of natural stone. The answer is YES! All our products are made ​​from stone blocks are 100% natural, whether travertine, granite, lava stone or marble.

Let us look at the characteristics of these two materials.

The price: it is clear that the reconstituted stone is still a little cheaper than natural stone. However the price difference tends to diminish over time,     

Renewed interest in natural stone sharpened competition and served as leverage to decrease the price significantly. 

 However, be careful to choose a material suitable for the intended use:
> Hard outdoor stone ( if you live in areas with harsh winters )
> Stones slightly porous with a water repellent treatment for easy maintenance inside.
Being a 100% natural material, it is necessary to treat it with respect.

All materials are created equal and it is necessary to seek advice from your mason or dealer to have a long lasting purchase.

- Manufacturing  Reconstituted stone is a semi- natural product. It is a mix of concrete and minerals while remaining closer to the concrete structure as natural stone. Its main advantage is to imitate with talent rendering and texture of natural stone and offer further advantages of modularity in manufacturing that are not uninteresting. Fits particularly well for all uses, indoors and outdoors, and maintenance is very easy.

- Maintenance : Natural stone will provide lasting effects with easy maintenance provided, you follow some basic rules, such an informed choice of stone depending on the intended use, provide protection and maintenance suitable for the type of stone selected. Using our appropriate Stone Care cleansers and waterproof sealers.
For paving, cleaning with hot soapy water or a non-caustic detergent will be sufficient in most cases, whether natural or reconstituted stone.

- Prestige of the material: it goes without saying that a noble and authentic materials such as natural stone will undoubtedly be an addition to your home that will withstand compared to a semi- natural or synthetic material value!


How to set the price of stone?

LivingRoc only will use all natural pure stone in our product line.
Granite Quarry

The kind of material:

The strength varies from one material to another. Some harsh black granites are difficult to extract or cut and require appropriate equipment and a suitable service (worn saw blades ). This will help decide the cost of the product.

The volume of extraction.

Some varieties of stones are scarce because of the quality or operation of the deposit options, impacting the quarrying costs and therefore the selling price of the blocks directly. 

In some cases you will have to sacrifice a part of a block or a slice to use only marketable portions. "Waste" generated at a cost that must be factored into the purchase price of the material.

The cost of labor.

Natural stone in its transformation involves intensive labor. It must be extracted, then worked with infinite precision. Extraction in shaping the cost of labor is an important factor which depends on the origin of the stone and the country in which it is worked.

Rocks are unique, like a diamond. A diamond starts out as a shiny rock that has to be cut and shaped. So too does your granite.

You can view our line of natural stone suited to embrace your bathroom, kitchen, garden patiodining, and living room  here!


Natural stone: comparing materials!

Here at LivingRoc we strive to provide you with information in helping to choose the rite stone for your home, so that you experience the beauty of our natural trendy stones.

If the stone is universally considered one of the strongest and most durable materials by excellence ratings, we must provide some clarification with this statement. 

The kingdom of stones, not all indeed play in the same division.

Natural stone derives its prestige and strength of the rock from which it originates and gives it strength, authenticity and charm, the fact remains that each stone (as each organization) has its own characteristics, strengths but also has some weaknesses.

Not to mention all stones are not created equal, we note some distinct characteristics that are spoken of granite, marble or other basalts.

Compare and have the clarity to choose the material that suits your decor project, check out our summary table of the natural stone quality levels.


Shower Base Very sleek 54" x 34" Stone Black Granite - SPACIUM SHADOW

                 View Spacium Shadow at LivingRoc.net

BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder


Behold Onyx, one of natures finest masterpieces.

Onyx is distinguished by its translucency. The layered stone often comes from such places as Brazil, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, India, and Hawaii. Formed from in the gas cavities of lava.

We are pleased to introduce Paris onyx vessel sink.

With sleek veins blending into each vessel sink it gives a unique design of color.
One can transform their bathroom into a work of art to be admired by all.

Bring elegance and style to your bathroom with a onyx vessel sink brought to you by LivingRoc.


FOCUS: maintenance of granite

Granite in rock form
 Granite is a very hard rock. Once worked and formatted into a basin, sink, fountain, paving or whatever the artist creates, it requires minimal maintenance.

Indeed, unlike marble or limestone, more porous materials more easily absorbs stains, granite requires very little maintenance. It is usually the most expensive stone that is obtained in generally difficult mining conditions.

Granite that we use in connection with the manufacture of bowls, shower bases and sinks on our site ( Alpha , Dune, Torrence etc. ..) , is a very low porosity and requires no specific maintenance. We improve further its impermeability by applying successively at our workshop two waterproof layers.

Use only neutral detergents (which contain no acidity) and in no case undiluted detergent that can attack the stone.

Clean with soapy water (dishwashing liquid 'neutral', for example) or hot water with a drop of vinegar.

Use stone care products that will help ease your care in maintaining your stone to keep its natural beauty.

We are at your disposal for further information about our natural stone products. We also would like to invite you to discover the beauty granite has become at LivingRoc.net.


Why granite?

Granite is a natural material commonly used for kitchen worktops.
Less fragile than marble or travertine, second hardest material, diamond being first.

This subject speaks in volume about its reliablity in a bathroom!


Some significant advantages:

- A hard material and heat resistant and aggressive agents (protection is still recommended).
- Very low permeability = dirt is kept out!
- Durable, long preserves its natural glow. Time and years will have no impact on its original beauty.
- Material virtually unalterable, particularly resistant to scratches and shock
- Requires no specific maintenance (available cleaners, without abrasives).

Learn more about our other models of granite vanity top vessel sinks.


FOCUS: packaging of our goods

We take extreme care in the packaging of our products here at LivingRoc.

Basins and shower bases are protected by a polystyrene mold
that matches the shape of each

Each piece is then placed in a
plywood box capable of withstanding a large amount of weight.

Rest assured that your purchase will be protected and delivered to you as if it was hand delivered by us.

Travertine tables: manufacturing and assembly

Many of you ask how are the tables are made from a block of travertine. Some of the steps required to transform stone into tables of unique designs.

The first step is to remove the block from the quarry which is then transported to the sawmill to be cut into slices of varying thickness according to the needs of the project. These slices are obtained by setting the block on a frame made ​​of steel abrasive blades that use the stone cooled by jets of abundant water throughout the block sawing process.

The slices are then cut at a predetermined size, then worked and drawn thinly. It follows a series of polishing steps in the "polishing" during which they will successively applying abrasive grain adapted to the desired finish. A portable polisher will polish it with water.

Phase pore filler marble (travertine) is usually between the diamond dust finish and the last polishing step. The plates are then assembled together, much like a carpenter with his boards. It is then ready to be applied with a highly resistant adhesive for sealed marble and in some cases connected to a solid steel structure.

At the hands of masons carefully selected sliced wafers are harmoniously placed piece by piece to great such a masterpiece which can be admired and transformed into your surroundings.

We invite you to take a look at our marble travertine tables that have been transformed into perfection  on our website.


The trendy shade of Gray!

Our LivingRoc readers can rest assured that no, we do not dwell on the bestsellers whose whole blogosphere we end up talking about! No need to worry, if we bring you a bit of reading we will stay closer to our trade.

So then what is the gray that everyone is talking about? Gray: a dull color? A dark color?

Some may use the term mouse gray, dull, dark, and even depressing. We say Really?

If we look closer, we can see that the anthracite can rest assured, beautiful days are still ahead of him. Indeed, if we take a deeper look we will have the sense of warm and inviting colors, naturally blending in with our surroundings.


Gray, which has the rare power to agree with everything. It can be combined with any other color without resistance. Gray has become the new white.

Take the example of our shower bases that will blend harmounously with your bathroom by bringing a modern and majestic touch without limiting yourself with the elements of your design.
Gray in our eyes has become a color that will bring depth to subtle colors and help bring your surroundings to a higher standard and make your vision a masterpiece.

And we hand you the choice for you to make your opinion on the matter of Gray.


Dare to surround yourself with marble from Egypt.

The latest in the range offered from Living'ROC, beige marble from Egypt made ​​its entrance through the front door into the bath with a radius site.

Crowned by its reputation far beyond the borders and continents, marble has always been considered as a material of prestige. Nobody is fooled by the choosing of marble for achievements that have transcended in time like the Taj Mahal, the Palace of Versailles, or more recently the Arche de la Défense in Paris.

Cocoon Sunny

Marble attracts, fascinates and embellishes with style. With this presence and magnetism, Living'ROC has decided to bring elegance into your bathroom.

Beige it can fit into any environment and particularly among all lovers of light colors or refined atmosphere. Striated, like any quality marble by authentic ribs, it will impose its presence and its design lines.

Carved from a block of marble of high quality, it will awaken the primitive instincts of the stone, originally designed for the most important circumstances of ancient namely religious funeral or life events. Now considered a luxurious decoration material you can bring to your room at a very reasonable price considering its rarity.

    We present temptations for you to discover, our other products of Egyptian marble.
Torrence Galala
Learn more about marble here

For no worry deliveries, please take your time!

At Living'ROC we try to bend over backwards to make your buying experience on our site as easy and enjoyable as possible. So we make ourselves available to guide you in your purchases every step of your order. This is why we love (obviously) when all goes well!

Thus we have chosen for you one of the best companies to carry your products, The Dependable delivery company,  whom we entrust your orders for delivery without worry. We have negotiated prices that are fair to provide you quality transport and guaranteeing you a stress-free delivery.

However, we can not be in each of your packages. All our products undergo various quality checks throughout their routing process,  however there are concerns for mishaps along the way.

We have seen independent concerns for the care of your products during transportation. Indeed despite optimal protection of our objects and particular care for deliverers, the x factor still exists and zero hassle can be 100% guaranteed. That is why we ask our customers the utmost vigilance in the delivery of their order.

Think carefully when accepting the delivery, to hold it a minute to check the status of the products as well as inspecting your product when it is delivered. If you notice the slightest concern, you only need to note it on the delivery order sheet to obtain repair or replacement of the product.

A matter of minutes required if you wish to make any claim. Indeed, as indicated by our terms and conditions, if these remarks are not made during the deliver, you can not subsequently exercise recourse.

For a smooth delivery and enjoyment of your purchases, so take this little time and control of your order!


How do you maintain your natural stone products?

The question often comes when our customers contact us after their purchases on Livingroc.net . Indeed, the stone is probably one of the strongest and most durable materials, to preserve you must take care of your natural stone.

Like any precious thing, your stones will need special care and maintenance of suitable products. We have selected a range of Akemi brand products specializing in the maintenance of the stone.

Akemi Triple Effect

The first tip to note when it comes to natural stone, outlaw detergents and other commercially acids cleaners. These liquids will indeed result in attacking the stone and
destroying it.

Instead, choose appropriate and specialized products that will magnify the stones natural beauty.

Akemi The range includes professional products (cleaning triple effect spray, nano stain repellent, crystal clean protector, darkener Lux stone enhancer, oil and grease remover paste, transparent silicone) suitable for granite, marble, travertine, basalt etc. .

Do not wait to preserve the exception of your furniture!

Akemi, our choice for your maintenance is recommended by many professionals and have reputable REFRENCES in cleaning :

The renovation of the Royal Palace, Abu Simbel temple or even Fort Boyard is to add to his amazing achievements. If is good for these monuments in history then it could only be good for you in preserving the life of your natural stone!

Remember, regular maintenance of your stones is the best way to prolong their life!

Visit our stone care products or our daily care advice on stone maintenance.