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FOCUS: maintenance of granite

Granite in rock form
 Granite is a very hard rock. Once worked and formatted into a basin, sink, fountain, paving or whatever the artist creates, it requires minimal maintenance.

Indeed, unlike marble or limestone, more porous materials more easily absorbs stains, granite requires very little maintenance. It is usually the most expensive stone that is obtained in generally difficult mining conditions.

Granite that we use in connection with the manufacture of bowls, shower bases and sinks on our site ( Alpha , Dune, Torrence etc. ..) , is a very low porosity and requires no specific maintenance. We improve further its impermeability by applying successively at our workshop two waterproof layers.

Use only neutral detergents (which contain no acidity) and in no case undiluted detergent that can attack the stone.

Clean with soapy water (dishwashing liquid 'neutral', for example) or hot water with a drop of vinegar.

Use stone care products that will help ease your care in maintaining your stone to keep its natural beauty.

We are at your disposal for further information about our natural stone products. We also would like to invite you to discover the beauty granite has become at LivingRoc.net.

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