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WELCOME! What if noble and natural materials were part of your daily life? Welcome to the blog Living'ROC, you will find useful information to better understand "the" natural stones, their composition, finishing and maintenance. A small expression that fits your decor desires and will accompany you to make the most of the opportunities offered by our site livingroc.net. You will also discover our new products and latest designs for home and garden. Enjoy your visit!


Eco-Freindly elements in a modern bathroom design

Using natural modern elements will help you transform your bathroom living space into a luxury getaway without getting away. 

Livingroc's Natural stone sinks can give you a natural look and be a great centerpiece to design your room around. 


Here our Pegasus Shadow in black granite. 

Stone sinks are durable and can stand up to years of use and retain their look when taken care of properly. 

They look great when used on a countertop that is complementary to the stone.

LOVE carrara marble sink 

Depending on your needs you may need single bowls or a double trough style. 

Trough style sinks can bring you a double sink in a single option without taking up too much space. 

Choosing to give your space a sleek look?,  You may choose to use a beautiful marble trough like our 47'' LOVE model. 

RONDO bathroom sink 

A bathroom is the busiest part of your house. 

Wether its for your personal use or in the guest bathroom, creating a space that will show your style is key. 

Choosing natural stone in granites or marbles will help you style your bathroom with ease. 

Livingroc.net can be your start to finding the perfect natural stone sink to enhance and transform your living space into a beautiful oasis.  We invite you to view all our available products at our online store.



             Welcome to Livingroc USA & CANADA
        A great experience for buying Natural Trendy Stone products. 

Discover our unique selection of trendy and ecological products of stone vessel sinks for your bathroom or outdoor living environment online at Livingroc.net

Maintenance is a major factor in keeping your natural stone versatile. When you take proper care of your stone they will look fabulous for many years to come. 
LOVE 47'' Trough
Marble is created from high pressure and temperatures inside the earths crust. The variations in color, vein-like patterns, and even spots in marble are due to the presence of other minerals. 

Marble is a porous material, Sealing and protecting your stone is key. Try using our Akemi Waterproof stone impregnating sealer for your needs

Never use household cleaning agents on natural stone products that may contain bleach or other citric acid cleaners on natural stone. This could etch the surface and dull causing damage to your stone. 

Light soap and water is a great way to keep your product clean , always rinse well after each use. Some towel drying may be needed as well to ensure minimal mineral buildup from heavy waters. 

Bali vessel sink in gray granite
                  Cleaning of Granite countertops and bathroom vessel sinks and shower trays:
Use a microfiber cloth to clean surfaces. Take care not to use an abrasive source. 
General cleaning consist of light soapy water for your weekly cleanings.  
You may also use cleaners that are made for natural stone, 

As with marble it is recommended to seal your stone with a Waterproof stone sealer about every 6months.

Natural stone in your home will bring much beauty and elegance to your environment.
Poor maintenance can take away from the beauty that natural stone will bring us.

Adopting a good regiment will allow you to add value to your home by transforming your bathroom into an oasis of elegance, calm and tranquility. 

Livingroc invites you to come explore what natural stone can inspire in yourself.



Livingroc has taken a simple granite rock and transformed it into a piece of art to help add style and functionality to your bathroom.

Give your space a high-end, luxurious look by placing two natural black Shanxi granite to your bathroom.

Our TORRENCE SHADOW will look just stunning side by side.

At a size of 24''x16'' this is a perfect size to place in your space.  

FOLEGE trough sink in a generous 63'' can come in either with or without faucet holes.

Add great value to your home by installing this Livingroc creation.

Our stone our created by a group of talented masons that hand carve granite into a beautiful masterpiece.

To complete your bathroom into a spa like environment add a majestic shower base that will combine very well with our vessel sinks.
                                                        QUASAR is our gray granite bathroom shower base.

With many options of sizes you are sure to find an appropriate size for your space.

This large piece of stone is cut from a block of granite is preformed to create an effective water slope to drain giving you a modern sleek look.

Carved from a genuine trendy pure black Shanxi black granite, we showcase our PALAOS SHADOW.

Could you imagine installing such a beautiful shower base? We put the extra into Extraordinary by using such nobel material.

We also take good care of your comfort and security ensuring reliable, non slip products.

LIVINGROC would like to invite you into our world of spectacular trendy natural stone products.
                               Please visit our site to see what natural stone can do for you.


OUTDOOR PATIO TIME....Lets get ready.

With the warm weather now upon us it is time to get the patio furniture out and ready for a summer of fun.

Our patio area is an extension of our living space. Livingroc has many outdoor patio table styles to update your outdoor living and help you to enjoy those beautiful summer nights ahead of us.

TUSCANY patio outdoor table

 Could you imagine a table this beautiful.

Spectacular marble mosaic patio table the TUSCANY in a generous size of 78'' or 94''.

Delight your guests with this basket weave style that will remind you of an essence of Italy.  

FLORIDA patio table 

This Sunsational patio table will have your day shining.

FLORIDA patio table in a 49'' and 63'' will have enough room to host an evening with friends.

Made with all natural emperor spanish marble. With a wrought iron base.

Looking for more curved and smooth lines you may be interested in an Oval outdoor patio table for your needs.

Made with all natural stone and hand lain this table will beautify your garden area.

The OVALI marble patio table comes in a 71'' and 94''.

Care for your patio table could not be any easier. Clean with a light soapy water and make sure to waterproof seal your table 2x a year. This will help ensure a lifetime of enjoyment with your beautiful natural stone patio table.

We invite you to see our whole line of patio tables and chairs on our Livingroc.net site.



Spring is upon us now. This is a great time to do your upgrading and remodels in your home.

A beautiful manicured bathroom will set the mood in your morning to help you embark on the day.
Why not bring in the nature aspect into your surroundings to add a spa luxury feeling to your morning routine.

Livingroc can add the perfect touch to help you create a room that you will not want to leave.

When you are in need of a double basin we have a exceptional natural stone product our 63'' Black granite stone bathroom trough FOLEGE SHADOW.

Natural stone is a great element to bring the outside into your surroundings.

Add value to your home by installing Livingroc creations by using this nobel stone made of pure black Shanxi granite.

If you wish to standardize your project, you can choose among a variety of sizes with our shower bases made in granite.

QUASAR SHADOW is a French style rectangular natural stone product.

With a generous size of 60x34x2'' our shower base will definitely add a complete look to your renovation.

Marble with distinct gray veins thru out the stone has indeed created a masterpiece. Carrara and other white marbles have been most popular for use in sculptures and building decor.

Some are afraid of using marble however it is a beautiful stone to use for your bathroom remodels. And will stand the test of time.
With a little care of sealing your stone 2 times a year , you will have no trouble welcoming this elegant piece of luxury into your area.

Here we have a customers installation with Livingroc's RONDO WHITE .

Our products can not be compared to standard quality plastic/porcelain vessel sinks.

With pure and sleek lines that will give a chic look to your bathroom with its white and gray tones to create a fashionable bathroom decor.

A trough design is a great choice to add to your bathroom renovation.

Made from a superb block of Carrara white marble this bathroom sink will delight lovers of beautiful work looking for rare products to add value to your home.

Our CARRARA 27'' trough is a wonderful selection.

We invite you to also look into our many styles, shapes and sizes for any homeowner wishing to add elegance and tranquility. Please visit our site at LIVINGROC.NET.



                            Welcome to LivingRoc home of trendy natural stone products.

Discover our unique selection of trendy and ecological products: stone vessel sinks for the bathroom that are polished or honed in black or gray granite to marble materials. 

You are sure to find the exceptional piece to complete your renovation and turn your surroundings into a vision that will evoke peacefulness and luxury. 

Our customers show us their satisfaction not only in their words but there beautiful designs shown in photos they are happy to share. 

Here the Dune Shadow looks absolutely fabulous.

Black granite is a very suitable stone to use  in your bathroom to bring in such luxury.

What a beautiful match where industrial meets elegance. 

Lotus Shadow is our rectangular single bathroom natural stone vessel sink made and carved from solid deco trendy pure black granite block. 

Add value to your home by installing LivingRoc's creations. 

Could you imagine one day installing a vessel sink sought after by specialist around the world looking for the purest shanxi black granite.

Our customer loved the shower base in gray granite, matched with a wonderful granite basin. 

The Spacium Shower base is a generous 54''x34'' size. Sure to make your space feel warm and inviting. 

Taking care of your comfort and security we ensure reliable non slip products.

Torrence our 24'' bathroom sink has curved inner edges allowing a large amount of water. 

We invite you to take a journey into our online inventory and see what wonderful designs awaits you.
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Discover LivingRoc's range of mosaic natural stone patio tables.  Imagine the mixing of beautiful materials (marble, persian travertine, slate) with precision for an incredible and incomparable result with some simple terra-cotta.

Let in the excellence within your homes environment.
55'' Square marble table CAPRI

Outdoor and Indoor these beautiful marble patio tables will fit perfectly into your environment.

CAPRI will remind you of Southern Italy. 

Handcrafted, the outdoor range is ideal for those looking for a fresh and unique product.  

A wonderful match for this table is the DIAMOND wrought iron chairs with a cream comfortable chair cushion. 

TUSCANY italian mosaic dining table

TUSCANY is our indoor/outdoor garden dining table is distinguished by its warm, soft and soothing colors and made from tumbled Italian marble natural stone. 

This range is one of the favorites among our line of stone mosaic patio tables. 

Nestled in the back patio of one of our customers homes this table will bring many happy memorable gatherings. 

FLORIDA patio table

This SUNsational table will delight the lovers of color. 

This natural stone table draws its energy essences of the famous sunny Florida by displaying refined lines and streamlined design.

Available in 2 different sizes to 49'' to 63'' to accommodate your needs. 

We invite you to our OUTDOOR PATIO page and see all of our designs to suite your style.