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WELCOME! What if noble and natural materials were part of your daily life? Welcome to the blog Living'ROC, you will find useful information to better understand "the" natural stones, their composition, finishing and maintenance. A small expression that fits your decor desires and will accompany you to make the most of the opportunities offered by our site livingroc.net. You will also discover our new products and latest designs for home and garden. Enjoy your visit!



                            Welcome to LivingRoc home of trendy natural stone products.

Discover our unique selection of trendy and ecological products: stone vessel sinks for the bathroom that are polished or honed in black or gray granite to marble materials. 

You are sure to find the exceptional piece to complete your renovation and turn your surroundings into a vision that will evoke peacefulness and luxury. 

Our customers show us their satisfaction not only in their words but there beautiful designs shown in photos they are happy to share. 

Here the Dune Shadow looks absolutely fabulous.

Black granite is a very suitable stone to use  in your bathroom to bring in such luxury.

What a beautiful match where industrial meets elegance. 

Lotus Shadow is our rectangular single bathroom natural stone vessel sink made and carved from solid deco trendy pure black granite block. 

Add value to your home by installing LivingRoc's creations. 

Could you imagine one day installing a vessel sink sought after by specialist around the world looking for the purest shanxi black granite.

Our customer loved the shower base in gray granite, matched with a wonderful granite basin. 

The Spacium Shower base is a generous 54''x34'' size. Sure to make your space feel warm and inviting. 

Taking care of your comfort and security we ensure reliable non slip products.

Torrence our 24'' bathroom sink has curved inner edges allowing a large amount of water. 

We invite you to take a journey into our online inventory and see what wonderful designs awaits you.
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