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WELCOME! What if noble and natural materials were part of your daily life? Welcome to the blog Living'ROC, you will find useful information to better understand "the" natural stones, their composition, finishing and maintenance. A small expression that fits your decor desires and will accompany you to make the most of the opportunities offered by our site livingroc.net. You will also discover our new products and latest designs for home and garden. Enjoy your visit!



Livingroc has taken a simple granite rock and transformed it into a piece of art to help add style and functionality to your bathroom.

Give your space a high-end, luxurious look by placing two natural black Shanxi granite to your bathroom.

Our TORRENCE SHADOW will look just stunning side by side.

At a size of 24''x16'' this is a perfect size to place in your space.  

FOLEGE trough sink in a generous 63'' can come in either with or without faucet holes.

Add great value to your home by installing this Livingroc creation.

Our stone our created by a group of talented masons that hand carve granite into a beautiful masterpiece.

To complete your bathroom into a spa like environment add a majestic shower base that will combine very well with our vessel sinks.
                                                        QUASAR is our gray granite bathroom shower base.

With many options of sizes you are sure to find an appropriate size for your space.

This large piece of stone is cut from a block of granite is preformed to create an effective water slope to drain giving you a modern sleek look.

Carved from a genuine trendy pure black Shanxi black granite, we showcase our PALAOS SHADOW.

Could you imagine installing such a beautiful shower base? We put the extra into Extraordinary by using such nobel material.

We also take good care of your comfort and security ensuring reliable, non slip products.

LIVINGROC would like to invite you into our world of spectacular trendy natural stone products.
                               Please visit our site to see what natural stone can do for you.


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